Grizzly Bear Running in the Water Acrylic Painting


24×36 inch acrylic painting of a majestic Grizzly Bear.

Two Types of Giclée Prints:

-Textured Fine Art Paper

-Stretched Canvas Print

All dimensions in the options below are in inches.


This is a 24×36 acrylic painting depicitng a majestic Grizzly Bear.

This is an award winning painting that was on display in the Best of Southwestern Alberta Gallery Show in 2018. It is perhaps the painting I am most proud of. Grizzly bears are such amazing animals. I hoped to depict not only its power but also its gentleness. Though these can be fierce predators, they, like any animal, can be gentle. I’m not saying that you should approach them, but just that we should appreciate them for all that they are.


Please allow 3-5 business days for the painting to be shipped. You will receive the tracking number so that you can track the shipment of your painting with ease.

Upon shipping, the painting will be wrapped and put into a box/crate to ship. There will be a hanging mechanism already attached to the back so it will be ready to hang upon arrival.

The original will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity to prove that it is an original painting by Brian Sloan.


Below you will find 4 different options for Giclée Printing:

-Textured Fine Art Paper

-Stretched Canvas



Giclée prints have a superior printing quality to lithographs. They have greater color matching, better contrast, use archival grade ink and media, and greater resolution. Apart from the texture paint provides on the top of a canvas, giclée prints are pretty well indistinguishable from original paintings.


Fine Art Paper and Rolled Canvas Prints are good for regular frames.

Stretched Canvas Prints are good to be hung by themselves, in float frames, or in a regular frame for a more modern style.


-Please allow for 1-2 weeks of time to create the print and then ship it or have it ready for pick-up


-All prints are shipped via UPS

-A tracking code will be provided to you upon shipping





-400 gsm medium

-The special top coating gives unique precision, contrast and color saturation for a matte medium

-Resistant to water spills

-Made by Strathmore


-The depth of the wooden frame is .75 inches (2 cm)

-Manually stretched canvas on a sturdy spruce framework

-High-resolution photo printing

-Solvent-free HP inks resistant to UV damage

-Specially certified canvas produced specifically for printing

Shipping Countries: Canada, United States (US)

Shipping States: Alberta (Canada), North Carolina (United States (US)), Tennessee (United States (US)), Iowa (United States (US)), Georgia (United States (US)), District Of Columbia (United States (US)), South Carolina (United States (US)), Arizona (United States (US)), North Dakota (United States (US)), New Jersey (United States (US)), Nevada (United States (US)), Florida (United States (US)), Virginia (United States (US)), Colorado (United States (US)), Arkansas (United States (US)), Wisconsin (United States (US)), Michigan (United States (US)), New Hampshire (United States (US)), Kansas (United States (US)), Missouri (United States (US)), Washington (United States (US)), Maine (United States (US)), South Dakota (United States (US)), Minnesota (United States (US)), Ohio (United States (US)), Utah (United States (US)), Kentucky (United States (US)), Illinois (United States (US)), Pennsylvania (United States (US)), Oklahoma (United States (US)), New York (United States (US)), California (United States (US)), Idaho (United States (US)), West Virginia (United States (US)), Delaware (United States (US)), Alabama (United States (US)), Mississippi (United States (US)), Louisiana (United States (US)), Nebraska (United States (US)), Vermont (United States (US)), Texas (United States (US)), Oregon (United States (US)), New Mexico (United States (US)), Connecticut (United States (US)), Wyoming (United States (US)), Montana (United States (US)), Maryland (United States (US)), Indiana (United States (US)), Rhode Island (United States (US)), Massachusetts (United States (US))

Ready to ship in 3-4 weeks


Shipping Policy

Artworks will be shipped when ready.

Recreations of original artworks can take some time to redo. That is why the processing time is 3-4 weeks. However, it will almost 100% off the time be faster than that unless it is a large order. I will always be in contact with you to let you know how the process is going.

Prints are usually ready within 5-8 business days.

If artwork is damaged in the shipping process, please take photos so that we can open a case with the shipping company. I always insure my artworks when shipping them.


Refund Policy

No refunds on original artworks. Prints can be replaced if damaged while shipping.